Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It is OVER!!!!

Yes, that is right - I have survived the consignment sale. I am not complaining by ANY means, but it dawned on me about half way through this thing that almost twice as many consignors means twice as much work!! I was one busy chic! That's okay, though, because all the hard work definitely paid off! The sale this time did quite a bit better than my last one, and I am so thankful! I couldn't have done it, though, without the help and patience of my hubby and kiddos.

Now that all the "stuff" is pretty much out of the house and things are back in place, it's time to change hats and focus on Lads to Leaders this weekend. We will leave EARLY Friday morning and return home Sunday afternoon. We are so looking forward to this trip! The kids have worked so hard to prepare for it and I know it will prove to be a great weekend. I hope to have lots of pictures to post when we get back. Say a little prayer, if you don't mind - Parker has been home the last 2 1/2 days from school with sinus and ear infections. His voice is almost gone - not good considering he has a puppet show, speech, and scripture reading to do this weekend! I have had him whispering when he does talk, so hopefully he will be fixed and ready to go by Friday. Pray that he gets better in time and that none of the rest of us get it! Thanks!!!


Joiner Journeys said...

praying for ya, Parker! (and the whole Finton and L2L crew!)
can't wait to see the pictures, I know yall are going to do awesome!
Go puppet team! :)
Jack LOVED it! He has talked about it so much!

Wendi said...

I will say a pray for Parker!! He does have alot to do!!! Hope to see you there!!! BTW...we are the yellow team! I Think I saw in the program that you all are green??

See you there!!